Why Zimbabwe ...?

... it's an insiders' tip off the beaten track!

Zimbabwe has something for everyone ...

... complete wilderness of its National Parks with excellent Safari opportunities, important historical sites, festivals, live music, art and modern city centers with shopping malls, extreme sports like bungee jumping and white-water rafting as well as botanical and geographic gems.


"While the world still focuses on the fall of Zimbabwe, visitors will see a very different image of the country" (cit. Lonely Planet Publications 2009). Indeed - the people in this country are humorous, warm hearted, friendly and very welcoming! Both Cities Harare and Bulawayo surprise with modern architecture, shopping centres and fine dining restaurants well worth a visit. Since 2009 economy is catching up and one is getting everything and a little bit more!


The main infrastructure is in very good shape. Even though some urban streets show serious potholes, traveling by road is sometimes better than in Europe. Low traffic density promises relaxing and safe traveling during the day. Something else is remarkable and important to mention here: The crime rate is incredibly low and visitors coming from the neighboring countries will notice this instantly. 


Especially the situation between 2000 and 2008 has lead to the fact that Zimbabwe has nearly been forgotten as travel destination and has now become an insiders' tip for safari lovers. Whilst in other African countries famous parks are overcrowded in the main season - in the parks of Zimbabwe you will be off the beaten track. Nevertheless Camps and Lodges offer high and very high standards.

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Zimbabwe impressions

Background photo on top - Maike Bieber / DryLand-Safaries