come walk with me!

DryLand-Safaris will take you to hidden places in Zimbabwe


DryLand-Safaris offer more than canoe Safaris, as there is much more to explore in Zimbabwe. Just check the opportunities of walking safaris and hiking trips.


The 'Safari tourist' has changed in the past years. This 'new generation' just don't like to sit non-active all day in a safe Safari vehicle. These young or remained young visitors like to explore the African bush actively - and the best way to dive into African nature is to discover the bush on foot.


So if you are among those active people why not combine your canoe trip with a few days of walking in Mana Pools. Or if you would like to go off the beaten track and discover a nearly unknown part of Zimbabwe, come and walk with me - you won’t regret it!

What duration is suggested?

For getting a minimum of an adventure you should book a 4 day/3 night stay - but you may book and stay as long as you like. If you like to get your mind off of work or other things I suggest a minimum 6 day/ 5 nights stay - next to good game viewing and -encounter you will have time to take a deep breath from your work, let go of all the stress you may have built up and let the rhythm of the bush entertain you.



Background photo on top - DryLand-Safaris