Private guiding

What is a private Guide?

A private Guide is your companion during the whole Safari - he will pick you up at the airport, guide and accompany you on Safari and will wave farewell to you at the airport when you leave! He is your local travelling companion, your host, driver, cook, camp manager, security guard and Professional Safari Guide all in one person.

Why book a private Guide?

Have you already been on Safari? Yes?! So you had different guides in each lodge/camp - right?! And you heard the repeating stories and bush jokes from every new guide? And you finally started to get bored with it? Nothing new in the bush you thought?


Traveling with the same guide throughout the entire trip he will only tell you a story once! Question if you know the 'small-five' only once! The hippo story - only once! How cheetah got her spots - only once! And many more stories on top! If you see loads of lions in one lodge but no leopards, YOUR guide will try to find you a leopard in the next lodge or a cheetah or just things you didn’t see the day before.


YOUR guide will get to know your preferences a bit better day by day and that will enable him to extract the maximum possible in experience for you - you won't get bored and you will discover more of the bush day after day.

Walking with Bono Lunga
Walking Safaris with Bono Lunga

Sounds expensive to you ...?

Well - if your budget is a bit tight, then you should know that there is a basic daily fee for 'plain guiding' and if you organize some things by yourself (car, tent, equipment) and/or you avoid staying in lodges instead make a pure individual camping safari, it puts the price for YOUR private guide in perspective. This is a superb alternative to any standard group tour. Same time you enjoy the knowledge and security YOUR professional guide offers when you are among big and dangerous game.


In addition to 'plain guiding' you may ask for as many services/equipment as you like (such as a 4x4 car, tents, catering, luxury camping style or less luxury, stay in lodges etc.) and I will work out a very individual package and proposal for you and will come back to you with a special offer.

Just let me know what's in your mind and we can make a plan...

Background photo on top - with many thanks to Wim Uyttenbroeck