Zimbabwean Guides

What is a `Professional Safari Guide´

The training to become a Professional Safari Guide in Zimbabwe is still the best in the whole of Africa because in contrary to other neighboring countries and East African countries the guides in Zimbabwe are trained within leading safari companies for a minimum of 4 years. Unless they have passed all exams they are not allowed to conduct Safaris as Guides or bear full responsibility for guiding Safaris. Only a very small percentage pace the final exam and go on to become Professional Guides. In most other African countries the training lasts only one year.


During the 4 year training in Zimbabwe, it is highly important that the future guides not only know all there is to know about animals and plants in able to pass this knowledge on to their guests, but also are fully trained on the aspects and overall context of the issue 'safari and safety'. This for instance starts with the correctley dealing with guests, the assortment and preparation of meals, the managing of tent camps, employee management, calculating’s for the safaris, a very good first aid training, handling of weapons, regular shooting practice, survival training in the African bush and much more.


At the end of the day the future guide must gather as much experience in the African bush as possible during training in order for him to guarantee the safety of his guests once he has become a full Professional Guide.

It is not possible to learn all this by reading books or a one year training to become a guide… a guide can only learn all these things through years of practice in the African bush.