Here we go ...

As a child of southern Zimbabwe ...

... I was born a nature lover and as I was growing up I spent all my free time during school holidays in the bush. From there on my passion for the African bush grew and having spent some time in Kariba, I met a guy who is among some of the best guides in Zimbabwe - Gavin Ford – and I became hooked!


I enrolled at a guide’s college called 'Environ Techniques', obtained my Learner Professional Hunters License, qualified as a River Guide in 1998 and I was awarded the best River Guide Award of that year. In 2008 I obtained the full License as a Professional Safari Guide ... and was the best one from proficiency test that year!


This makes me a passionate all-in-one Guide – specialised in canoeing and walking Safaris with more than 15 years of experience.


I gained my canoe and professional guiding experience with many recommended Safari companies in Zimbabwe - among others I worked with James Varden and John Stevens. I also guided trips in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Kenya. In 2011 time was ripe and I started to work on my dream of running my very own safari company, and here I am now with DryLand-Safaris.


Let me take you down the mighty Zambezi meandering between hippo-territories and walk with me among herds of wild elephants, antelopes and buffalos into the remote depths of the African bushes - and I assure you it will be a wonderful once in a lifetime experience! 


Canoe Guide on Zambezi
Canoeing on Zambezi

Background photo on top - Maike Bieber / DryLand-Safaries