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  • ... like to book a package - or
  • ... like to get an individual itinerary for your stay - or
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... whatever might be in your mind, feel free to ask. We will work out your ideas and come back to you with some suggestions. You find our Terms and Conditions  and the Fact files of our trips in the drop-down menu. Like to get the information in German language - let us know!


If you prefer calling, feel free to contact Maike. She is based in Germany and appreciates discussing further questions in english and/or german language. She is mostly available in the late afternoon and evenings. For our dutch and french talking guests, you may contact our partner 'Atlas Reizen' in Antwerp - please find their contact below.





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Please send your message, questions or enquiry to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Our partner in Belgium


Atlas Reizen | Lambermontplaats 12 | Be-2000 Antwerpen | TEL: +32 3 331 3 330

Atlas Reizen can workout a full combined trip with different activities and visiting different countries.

Background photo on top - with many thanks to Wim Uyttenbroeck