Canoe Safaris on lower Zambezi

Canoeing down the mighty Zambezi is a very unique and special experience.

Enjoy the early morning, when water is like fluid silver in the rising sun and relax in the evening when sun set makes the water look like its on fire.


We follow the rules of the river Zambezi and after the second day you will forget about all the stress of the workaday life.


A canoe safari will change your perspective and you will encounter the wild from a different angle. Gliding in a canoe down mighty Zambezi on remote channels between the islands allows a silent approach to the animals and you will get very close to elephants, antelopes, buffalos and other big game can be seen browsing on the banks from the comfort of your canoe.

Towards the sun!
Towards the sun!

* For more Pictures about our canoe safaris, please visit the gallery on this web page.

Would you like to get the thrill of the wilderness?

Looking for a real wilderness adventure? Come with us on our participatory canoeing safari. We take all our gear in the canoes and set up our camps on the islands in the river. There will be no staff around - everybody gets involved in setting up camp and preparing meals.

We offer different canoe safari packages as well as uniquely composed tailor-made trips of any duration. Check out our trips from the drop down menu.

Background photo on top - with many thanks to Anders Kubilk