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DryLand-Safaris is owned and operated by Bono Lunga a River Guide and Professional Safari Guide - one of the rare 'all-in-one' Guides in Zimbabwe. Bono is one of those Professional Safari Guides who - from his experience and the amount of time he has guided canoe safaris on the river - knows the lower Zambezi best.


DryLand-Safaris specialises in tailor-made canoe, walking and hiking Safaris*. On this website you will find information on Bono and DryLand-Safaris offers as well as information about Zimbabwe in general.


Let Bono himself tell you his story in personal and follow him...


Enjoy it and get inspired!

* Please note: we are NOT operating in Hwange. Our main focus is on Lower Zambezi area.


Please contact me via E-Mail:



+ 263 (0)712 586324


Phone-contact in Europe:

+ 49 (0)163 5433545


Dear Guest,


As a guides job is being in the bush most time, you may need some patience getting an answer directly from myself...

but Maike is most often online - so you are in good hands in the frist place!